he ading
T rive
True Bypass
Enclosure: 4.7”x 3.7”x 1.2”
Burgundy Powder Coat with Black UV Lettering
Power: Standard 9 Volt External Supply or Internal Battery
The Lenny Fuzz
349.00 Free Shipping
Extreme Heavy Distortion is what this pedals all about. The goal was to produce a
huge range of gain, couple that with an extensive tone section and sound as much
like an amp as possible.  Too many distortion pedals sound just like that, a pedal.
This pedal does not sound like a Stomp Box at all. There is no unnatural
flavor added to your tone and no frequencies produced that you do not have
control over. You will be able to dial in the exact tone and gain level desired
without having to make any changes to your amps equalizer. Almost any
distortion pedal can be helped along by adjusting the Amps tone controls,
but this throws off your clean tone along with the tone of your other pedals.
None of this is a problem with The Jading Drive.

Controls consist of Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence and two Gain knobs.
The Gain controls were uniquely designed to not just increase Distortion as
they are turned up but Bass as well. This gives you the ability to have both
a normal distortion and a super thick and heavy tone that can be toggled
between. It’s like having two pedals in one.  


Critically Overdriven Pedals- The Jading Drive.mp4