True Bypass
Enclosure: 4.7”x 3.7”x 1.2”
Gold Powder Coat with Black UV Lettering  
Power: Standard 9 Volt External Supply or Internal Battery
275.00 Free Shipping
A vintage style of compression is what The Hyper Compressor was designed to
produce. The ability to have a  huge range of compression that sounds like the
tone your guitar had before the pedal was turned on, is what The Hyper
Compressor was designed to give you. This unit does not add a heavy flavor to
your tone like so many compressors do. Even when set to minimum compression,
a natural ring effect adds sustain to your notes and dynamics to your reverb.
Controls consist of Volume, Compression, Tone and Decay. The Volume
control is pretty straight forward while the Compression control adjusts
from not having any compression at all to having almost too much compression.
An internal trim pot adjusts this range while the Decay control varies the
length of time that notes are allowed to ring. I recommend leaving the internal
adjustment at my setting as this is carefully done to produce the largest range
Of compression.  The tone control is used to restore the natural tone of your
guitar and amp by bringing back high frequencies that may become reduced
at higher compression settings. In all, The Hyper Compressor can go from
super squashed to extremely subtle with a beautiful natural sounding ring.
Critically Overdriven Pedals- The Hyper Compressor (1).mp4