True Bypass
Enclosure: 4.7”x 3.7”x 1.2”
British Racing Green Powder Coat with Yellow UV Lettering.
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The Fuzz
Aside from generating monstrous fuzz, Lenny produces a wide range of
mild to moderate fuzz tones. Gain level can also be controlled by adjusting
your guitars volume. This is a feature that many vintage pedals were trying
to achieve but poorly matched transistor were limiting their ability to do so.

Controls consist of “Sustain” for adjusting fuzz saturation, “Tone” for boosting
or cutting mid and treble frequencies and “Volume” for controlling the pedals

Lenny is a 9 Volt effect pedal that can be powered by either internal battery
or any standard (negative center) isolated 9 volt supply. Because this pedal
uses PNP Transistors it can not be used with daisy-chain power supplies.

Critically Overdriven Pedals- The Lenny Fuzz.mp4